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About Us

We are a company who specialise in cotton Ginning. We have three main operations located in Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. We are a family owned business and are proud to be handing over to the third generation. We pride ourselves in maintaining a strict code of conduct when doing any business. At Alliance Ginneries are conscious of our reputation among our clients and strive to always live up to our financial engagements in order to maintain our integrity. We are mindful of our environmental and civic duties; hence we strive to operate 

using a sustainable model.


We are currently working with COMPAQI in all three of our locations in order to improve the lives of our farmers and to uplift them from poverty. We aim not only to work together with the farmers to get access to cotton and other food crops but also to aid them in following sustainable practices. Through training programmes we have shown farmers how to improve yields, hence get a higher income per hectare. The COMPAQI scheme is jointly funded between COMPAQI donors (DEG, GIZ and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) and Alliance Ginneries and we feel that the entire programme has been immensely successful.


We are also partnered with Cotton Made in Africa, which is an initiative spearheaded by the aid by trade foundation. Together we aim to help people using trade.

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